About the Artist

Dan Lehmeier

The Artist, Dan Lehmeier

Dan Lehmeier’s mission is to honor the inherent beauty of trees, rocks and other found objects in nature.

Mr. Lehmeier began working with wood and crafting furniture while still in high school. For over three decades, he has been honing his talents. Dan is an acclaimed builder of homes and customized projects for the home as well as an artist who designs sculpture and furniture.

In 2000, Mr. Lehmeier designed and built his home in wooded northern Westchester, New York. The home is the perfect backdrop to showcase his collection of sculpture and unique furnishings.

Mr. Lehmeier uses wood from sustainable sources, including wood from trees he collects himself.

In 2007 while sculpting an ancient oak tree, Dan discovered a design so extraordinary it inspired a vision. The vision was a symbol representing earth. His journey so far has been slow but meaningful, leading to the creation of two new websites theearthsymbol.com  and earthbeautytruth.com

Mr. Lehmeier has received much of his inspiration for his projects from another one of his passions, travel.” I’ve been fortunate to have had some great travel experiences. The influence travel has had on me greatly defines who and what I am, as a designer, sculptor, woodworker.”

Below is some photography of his journeys.